The soundtrack to save the planet has arrived!!

And now you can get 2 free downloads from the album, Kids of the Earth – Songs for the Green Generation by Michael Ryther

Listen to what others are saying about Michael Ryther!

Michael Ryther jumping with guitar

“For kids and kids at heart…These 14 songs are poppy, power poppy and catchy as catchy can be…‘Put It In the Compost’ is like an early Beatles number put into eco-conscious service. ‘I Love the Dirt’ is a singalong-y, poppy slice of rock ‘n’ roll with a great melody… We’ve added six songs to our playlist, all of which are now playing in rotation.” – Alan Haber, DJ – Pure Pop Radio

“A must have for all elementary schools! A fun way to educate and reinforce about the protecting of our planet.  Michael’s songs are fantastically catchy and very kid friendly, but also bring a wry smile to the face of the adult audience.” – Kevin Owers, singer/parent

“This isn’t just great kids’ music, this is great music, period.  I like listening to it just as much as my kids do!” – Clay Mclachlan, parent

Rock out while you save the planet?!?!

Michael Ryther’s album invites you to do just that. A new voice has arrived on the kids music scene and not a moment too soon! If you think the world is in sore need of great kids music that aims to empower and inspire the green generation, then this album is a must have for you!

Michael Ryther is a singer / songwriter / educator who brings undeniably catchy melodies and smartly crafted lyrics to a timely album for all ages.  Michael wrote the songs while he and his students were learning about conservation, eco-systems and exploring what it meant to be caretakers and protectors of the planet.

“My students inspired me to write these songs, without them this album would not exist,” says singer / songwriter Michael Ryther. “This Generation inspires me; they are so in tune with how everything is connected. I strongly believe that they will be the ones to save the planet and I figured they’d need a soundtrack to go along with their heroics. That was the genesis of Kids of the Earth.”

Michael Ryther is now offering 2 free downloads from his Earth themed album. To get your free music simply enter your name and email address in the box to the right and you will be immediately sent the download link to the free tracks. So enter your name and email address now and get your “soundtrack to save the planet!”