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Thanks so much for ordering my album, Kids of the Earth – Songs for the Green Generation!  

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I began writing songs when I was about 15 years old. For a variety of reasons, it was a difficult time in my life and I turned to music as an outlet for feelings I couldn’t express in any other way. I grew up in San Francisco and my primary mode of transportation was by foot. The city’s constant fog and its wind whipped hills seemed the perfect backdrop to the sturm and drang of my teen years. My walk, sometimes quick, sometimes slow served as a beat to my improvised wailings.

After a few years I fashioned some of these wailings into songs, but I didn’t share them with anyone. Were they good enough? I doubted that they were. With envy I watched some of my classmates start bands. I kept my songs to myself for many years until, post college I picked up a guitar and finally recorded an album. I still remember how good I felt picking up that first batch of albums from the West Covina warehouse where it was pressed. There was no one else around except for a worker or two. I ripped open the box and held it in my hand with a level of fulfillment I hadn’t felt before. “No one can take this away from me!” I thought. I had overcome self-doubt and created a great sounding record that made my soul smile.

I’m still proud of that album (though it’s not a kids album, by the way) – its jangly indie folk pop featured such a wide variety of colors from Spanish style guitar, violin, cello to one song with punk pop aspirations. My producer and uncle, Chuck Alvarez and I recorded the 13 songs in his studio in Idyllwild. The sometimes 12 hour days were long but also magical. At a certain point we would need a break, so we would walk up the road and within minutes we would be looking at impossibly beautiful valleys and awe inspiring mountain ranges, San Jacinto included. These sublime walks infused the songs with a slightly mystical quality.

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This artwork was done by the very talented U.K. artist Melissa Launay.  Melissa’s artwork is captivating. I was especially drawn to her paintings of vases and trees. I also loved the fact that the people in her paintings often were magical magnets for animals, birds, butterflies and the like. She brought both ideas together in a stunningly beautiful way for my album cover.

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