“For kids and kids at heart…these 14 songs are catchy as catchy can be!”

– Alan Haber, Pure Pop Radio

Michael Ryther’s album,

KIDS OF THE EARTH – Songs for the Green Generation,

is available now!

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Order your copy of KIDS OF THE EARTH now to get your ‘soundtrack to save the planet!’

1. Kids of the Earth
2. Put it in the Compost
3. Reduce Reuse Recycle
4. I Love the Dirt
5. Why Can’t Every Day Be Earth Day?
6. There’s a Tree Growing Inside of Me
7. Organic
8. We’re Gonna Plant a Tree
9. Gimme a Car That Runs on Sunshine
10. The Great Outdoors
11. Is Anybody Out There?
12. How Many Times?
13. Ridin’ on the Metro
14. In This Together

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Rock out while you save the planet?!?!

Michael Ryther’s album invites you to do just that. Michael Ryther is a singer / songwriter / educator who brings undeniably catchy melodies and smartly crafted lyrics to a timely album for all ages. Michael wrote the songs while he and his students were learning about conservation, eco-systems and exploring what it meant to be caretakers and protectors of the planet.

“My students inspired me to write these songs, without them this album would not exist,” says singer / songwriter Michael Ryther. “This Generation inspires me; they are so in tune with how everything is connected. I strongly believe that they will be the ones to save the planet and I figured they’d need a soundtrack to go along with their heroics. That was the genesis of Kids of the Earth.”

So click the order button below and get instant access to Michael Ryther’s latest album, “KIDS OF THE EARTH – Songs for the Green Generation”, music that will have parents and kids singing, dancing and saving the planet! Which button do you click? Do you want to hold this album and its stunningly beautiful artwork in your hand? Then click “Buy Compact Disc Now!” Shipping costs will be added for compact discs, however customers who buy the compact disc will also be emailed the digital album at no additional charge! If however, you just want the music without the shipping costs, click “Buy Digital Album Now!” and you will receive the digital album via email. T-SHIRTS featuring the album’s cover art by renowned London artist Melissa Launay are available while supplies last! T-shirts are $17.99 each (plus shipping). However, the Digital Album and T-shirt bundle is just $25 $21.99 (plus shipping) and the CD and T-shirt bundle is just $30 $23.99 (plus shipping)!