Michael Ryther performs “I Wanna Be Yours Tonight” live with David Ryther

“I Wanna Be Yours Tonight” by Michael Ryther performed live at the Hotel Utah on April 8, 2019. David Ryther accompanies on Violin and vocals.

The first thing I noticed when I wrote this song, “I Wanna Be Yours Tonight” was the hypnotic nature of its beat. I wondered, was it more hypnotic for the listener or the performer? I thought it would be interesting to write a song that ends up hypnotizing and seducing the singer as much as the person they are attempting to hypnotize and seduce. The song walks the fine line between submission and seduction. I play with paradoxes in the bridge, “Now is the time to be lost to be found…free to be bound…yours to be mine.” When thinking about this song, I’ll never forget the time David and I were going through security at an airport in Wyoming. The screeners found my self titled debut CD in my luggage and because there weren’t that many people going through security, they asked us to perform a song for them. We performed “I Wanna Be Yours Tonight” after they had dusted our instruments for explosives. As a result of the performance they bought a CD even though I warned them that “I Wanna Be Yours Tonight is not on that album. It will be on my upcoming album which I am quietly plotting.